Best Pressure Washer Detergents


Detergent is important to carry out cleaning activities for pressure washers. Detergent selection is vital to the outcome of pressure washer cleaning. Some of the best detergents are listed and explained in detail.

Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pressure Power Washer

It is a multipurpose cleaner. It is a box of 20 gallons. It is a biodegradable product. It can be used with all pressure washers. It works by producing a thick foam that sticks to the surface of the pressure washer.

Simple Clean Total Outdoor Cleaner

It is a highly effective cleaner because it uses the power of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide eliminates dirt very well. It is up to 21 gallons. It is a non-toxic formula. It is great for multiple outdoor surfaces. It is used to remove mold and algae. It doesn’t harm grass or plants.

Briggs and Straton Multipurpose Cleaner

It is a multipurpose formula. The bottle is 16 gallons. For outer surfaced, It is the best formula available. It can be used diluted or full strength. It is a great cleaning formula for siding windows, lawns, etc. A small test is required for it since it’s a strong formula.

Sun Joe Car Wash and Soap

Sun Joe makes up to be a good detergent for pressure washers. It is a 1-gallon concentrate. It has three scents; orange, vanilla, coconut, and pineapple. It can be easily used with a mop or a brush. The formula is very safe for metals and sealants.

Simple Green Concrete plus Driveway Cleaner

It helps to remove grease and other marks. It is a non-toxic formula. It makes up to 21 gallons. It can be poured into the detergent reservoir of any pressure washer.

Annovi-Reverberi Car and Truck Detergent

It is a 30-gallon bottle. It can be used in a wash bucket. It is a non-toxic formula. It can be used in a traditional wash bucket.

Oxy Solve Cleaner

Oxy solves cleaner can clean surfaces well. It has a great formula to get rid of mold, algae, mildew, etc. It is a very safe detergent for your skin. It can help you get rid of all the tough mud in no time.

Simple Green 13421 Pro

It is used to clean industrial equipment, cars, etc., and can work well on pressure washers. It is a cleaner as well as a degreaser in one bottle. It is non-corrosive and non-toxic. It is in a gallon bottle.

Krud Kutter DF01 Blue Pressure Washer Concentrate

It is the least expensive detergent in the market. It is a concentrated formula and can work on various surfaces, making it a great power-pressure choice.

Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner

It is one of the top-rated detergents for power washers. It can be used in home and outdoors as well. It can clean carpets, roads, boats, etc.

Summing it all up, there are many detergents available in the market. The best one for you is the one that fulfills the need, is easy on the pocket, and is compatible with pressure washers.


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