Scissor man lift and its structure


It is commonly used to lift workers from the ground to higher places for different purposes like repairing, cleaning or transferring materials. You can drive it to a site where you want to take it. Several websites are selling the scissor man lift online. You can get information and can buy one for yourself. Before buying, check the validity of the website.

Structure of scissor man lift

It consists of 4 tires; that’s why you can take it anywhere, whether at an industrial site or a parking lot. It has legs, which increase the lift’s height when extended and lower the height when constricted. The other central part of the scissor lift is its platform, also known as the table. This table or platform is the area where a worker or laborer stands and performs their duty. The phenomenon of hydraulic compression and expansion controls all these components. Some other models of scissor man lift also work using pneumatic air. Now the question arises how scissor legs, platform and hydraulic cylinder are interrelated. The answer is that when pressure increases inside the hydraulic cylinder, it lifts the platform or worker upward. Upon decreasing the pressure, it brings the platform downward. Its height can vary depending on the model you are using. The average height of the scissor lift is 19 feet.

Where can the scissor man lift be used?

Most hotels and buildings use it to clean their walls, windows, mirrors and ceilings. Not only is its usage limited to cleaning purposes, but some other sectors like hospitals, industries and restaurants also use it to repair various equipment. For instance, it can be the air conditioner or exhaust fan fitted at specific heights.

  • It is used in parking areas.
  • It is used in stores to take goods from the lower floor to the higher floor.

Scissor lifts are also used at airports. Vehicles are attached to these scissors. The speed of these vehicles can range between 3 to 4.5 miles per hour. These lifts are used to transfer the luggage of passengers to the aircraft.

Advantages of scissor lift

Ordinary lifts can not go to specific heights, but to solve this problem scissor man lift was invented. Now height is not a barrier for repairing and cleaning if you have purchased the scissor-man lift.

The other advantage of this lift is that you can easily customize it. You can install an electric vehicle with it. Moreover, because of its smaller size, you can take it anywhere.

Disadvantages of scissor lift

  • If the luggage is overloaded, it may cause a problem with the belts of scissors.
  • The oil gets heated too early if the table is too loaded.
  • The temperature of the oil used in this lift is too low.

Energy requirements

Energy is needed to carry out operations of different types with this lift. This energy can be in any form, like hydraulic, manual, or electrical. You can also use gas to pressure the scissor lift upward and downward.

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