What is a food truck?


A fast food truck is well known for keeping and selling fast food. A food truck is a simple van in which a mini restaurant is installed. It typically has the facilities for the preparation of food. A food truck has several other names as well. It is also known as a food van, mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, lunch truck, break truck, food cab, street food stall, food wagon, or lunch wagon. Now food trucks are also available for many parties, catering events, and other circumstances. In a food truck, staff prepares fresh food and serves it to the customers from a window. Most of the people, who eat from these stalls, pay extra to the team because they make everything fresh. Some food trucks have set up tables and chairs along their food trucks, which ultimately gives the vibe of a mini restaurant. Inside a food truck, there is usually a refrigerator, preparation table, stove, and oven. A fast food truck is a small wagon or truck in which only fast food Is prepared and served. People come over there to eat fast food only. Usually, fast food trucks have sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and steaks.

Advantages of a food truck:

There are many advantages of a food truck over a simple restaurant. Some of them are given below;


As food trucks are small kitchens inside a wagon, these can relocate quickly. Hence, it can make its setup anywhere in the market. It can also go and cater different events. Due to mobility, there is more customer service, and hence, sales increase.

Small investment:

As mentioned earlier, food trucks have a mini kitchen inside them. So, the equipment required is also less in number. Staff also prepares fewer things, but the sales are almost equivalent to a mini restaurant. So the capital investment needed to start a food truck is very low, while the chances of getting big profits are high. No expensive furniture is required. One thing needed to run it smoothly is the taste of food.

Low operation cost:

Food trucks require low costs compared to small restaurants to run their business smoothly. There is no staff cost, i.e., of waiters, sweepers, cashiers, cooks, etc. If the food truck to be installed has to work only during the day, then there is no question about electricity cost. Regular repairs and the arrival of new ones again and again are also optional. In this way, the operation cost of a food truck is much lesser than a mini restaurant.

Attract customers:

Food trucks attract customers due to two reasons. One is that it is inexpensive. People who cannot go to a restaurant to eat fast food can go quickly to a food truck because of the price difference. The second thing is that the food trucks prepare hygienic and healthy food.

Cons of the food truck:

There are some drawbacks to food trucks as well. Some are given below:

  • These cannot go in small streets due to their bulky size and sometimes finds a problem in their parking.
  • Many permits are required for its proper installation and mobility.
  • If the car gets damaged, it requires a proper budget.


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