What Are the Different Types of Acoustic Foams?


Acoustic foam is a soundproof foam used to eliminate echoes and reduce sound frequencies. You can place them as ceiling panels, corner bass traps, ceiling clouds, or in the form of a wall. These foams apply mostly in areas where you do not want sound coming from one area to reach the outside space and cause a disturbance. There are different types of acoustic soundproof foams. Here’s a breakdown of the five most common types.

Different types of acoustic foams to know

It’s crucial to learn about the different types of acoustic foams. It helps you make an informed decision while getting your foams. If you browse e-commerce stores such as Alibaba, it is quite easy to purchase because you can tell the difference. Also, the variation makes it possible to choose the foam’s color and shape that matches your preference. Some of the types you can choose from are as follows:


This type of acoustic foam has a pyramid-shaped surface. Pyramid acoustic foams are pretty effective in reducing sound frequencies and eliminating echoes. However, they have a limitation that you need to put into consideration. For instance, not all pyramid acoustic foams will absorb low frequencies as they should. While you can correct this using corner block absorbers that absorb the low frequencies, make sure you read the specifications to know what you are buying.

Egg crate

The egg crate acoustic foam panels are the most common. They have a round top instead of a sharp point compared to pyramids. These acoustic foams are affordable and quite common since they are versatile enough for DIY projects. You can pair them with an acoustic cloth to provide better sound quality. In most environments, these acoustic foams will serve you to the maximum, and you will love it.


Smooth acoustic foams are the least used type of acoustic foams. They are least preferred since they bounce sound rather than absorb it due to their smooth surface. If you still want the sound to remain in the room, these are the type of acoustic forms to buy. Also, they are excellent foundation layers when used as the base of other types of acoustic foams.


Grid acoustic foams have a grid-like surface of ridge-like lines running across the source. Besides their beautiful appearance, they are pretty effective in sound absorption and improving the sound quality by reducing the feedback. However, grid acoustic foams have performance limitations to straight-on frequencies but work well with multi-directional frequencies.


As their name suggests, these acoustic foams have a wedge-shaped surface. They offer a spiky appearance that adds an aesthetic appeal to their space. They also provide good sound quality and diffuse feedback. However, you should note that they don’t focus sound in one direction, making them ineffective in large spaces. You can offset this by choosing one with bigger wedges.


Now that you understand what various acoustic foams offer, you can confidently pick an option that suits your needs without worries. Many people fear that they might make a mistake and keep postponing their purchase date. Visit Alibaba today and buy foams that fit your budget and use.


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